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Ríos et al. v. Venezuela

The facts of this case occured in the context of a pattern of threats to social communicators during a period of institutional and political conflict in Venezuela that caused an extreme polarization of society. Between the years of 2001 and 2004, twenty individuals, all journalists or social communications workers linked to the television station "Compañía Anónima Radio Caracas Televisión" (RCTV), were subect to several threats, acts of harassment, and verbal and physical abuse caused by public officials and other individuals in attempts against the installation of the RCTV television station. The State lacked diligence in investigating those incidents and failed to take preventative actions. The Court found that the State violated the victims' rights under Articles 5(1) (Right to Physical, Mental, and Moral Integrity) and 13(1) (Right to Seek, Receive, and Impart Information and Ideas) of the American Convention on Human Rights, both in relation to Article 1(1) of the same. 

Case Summary: Ríos et al. v. Venezuela, Case Summary

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