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Tristán Donoso v. Panama

During July 1996, the Attorney General José Antonio Sossa Rodríguez issued an order to have Mr. Tristán Donoso's, a Panamanian attorney, telephone conversation with a client recorded. In the recorded conversation and later at a press conference, Mr. Tristán Donoso, made statements regarding the Attorney General's corrupt behavior. Mr. Tristán Donoso then filed a criminal report against the Attorney General for abuse of power and infringement of his public official duties. The Panamá Republic Supreme Court of Justice rejected the complaint for the lack of evidence supporting the complaint. Later, the Attorney General commenced criminal proceedings against Mr. Tristán Donoso for defamation in retaliation for the accusations Mr. Tristán Donoso made. As a result, the Court found that the State violated the American Convention on Human Rights.

Case Summary: Tristán Donoso v. Panama, Case Summary

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