Physical, Mental, and Moral Integrity (Right to)

Case Namesort ascending Year Country Summary
Velásquez Paiz et al. v. Guatemala 2015 Guatemala Yes
Tenorio Roca et al. v. Peru 2106 Peru Yes
Suárez Peralta v. Ecuador 2013 Ecuador Yes
Santo Domingo Massacre v. Colombia 2012 Colombia Yes
Ruano Torres et al. v. El Salvador 2015 El Salvador Yes
Rodríguez Vera et al. (Missing Persons of the Palace of Justice) v. Colombia 2014 Colombia Yes
Ríos et al. v. Venezuela 2009 Venezuela Yes
Quispialaya Vilcapoma v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Peasant Community of Santa Bárbara v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Pacheco Tineo Family v. Bolivia 2013 Bolivia Yes
Massacres of El Mozote and Nearby Places v. El Salvador 2012 El Salvador Yes
Landaeta Mejías Brothers et al. v. Venezuela 2014 Venezuela Yes
J. v. Peru 2013 Peru Yes
Human Rights Defender et al. v. Guatemala 2014 Guatemala Yes
Huilca Tecse v. Peru 2005 Peru Yes
Hilaire, Constantine and Benjamin et al. v. Trinidad and Tobago 2002 Trinidad and Tobago Yes
Herrera Espinoza et al. v. Ecuador 2014 Ecuador Yes
Gonzales Lluy et al. v. Ecuador 2015 Ecuador Yes
Gómez Murillo et al. v. Costa Rica 2016 Costa Rica Yes
García Prieto et al v. El Salvador 2007 El Salvador Yes
Galindo Cárdenas et al. v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Espinoza Gonzáles v. Peru 2014 Peru Yes
Cruz Sánchez et al. v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Case of the Afro-Descendant Communities Displaced from the Cacarica River Basin (Operation Genesis) v. Colombia 2013 Colombia Yes
Artavia Murillo et al. (“In vitro fertilization”) v. Costa Rica 2012 Costa Rica Yes
Albán Cornejo et al. v. Ecuador 2007 Ecuador Yes
Acosta Castellón et al. v. Nicaragua 2017 Nicaragua Yes

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