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About Us

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights Project was founded in 2011 by Professor Cesare Romano with the assistance of Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review's Volume 34 Executive Board.

Each year, the IACHR Project is comprised of a team of Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review editors and staff members. Under the supervision of Professor Cesare Romano and the Chief IACHR Editor, editors and staff members work together to author comprehensive summaries of judgments rendered by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights. The Senior IACHR Editor works in concert with Loyola Law School’s Information and Technology Department to update and maintain the Project's web components.

2022-2023 Team

2022-2023 Team

Aaron Kircher, Chief IACHR Editor
Selene Estrada-Villela, Senior IACHR Editor
Kimberly Juarez, Volume 46 Editor-in-Chief
Charley Chen, Editor
Jenna Won, Editor
Emily Bernstein, Staff Member
Callie Keller, Staff Member
Serena Limas, Staff Member
Davina Shoumer, Staff Member
Aria Soeprono, Staff Member
Sophia Suarez, Staff Member

2021-2022 Team  

Alexandra Reyna, Chief IACHR Editor
Ashley Payne, Senior IACHR Editor
Sean Whitney, Volume 45 Editor-in-Chief
Christian Flores, Editor
Katarina Shonafelt, Editor
Madison Balasek, Staff Member
Charley Chen, Staff Member
Christine Chung, Staff Member
Selene Estrada-Villela, Staff Member
Kimberly Juarez, Staff Member
Aaron Kircher, Staff Member
Anne Kitchens, Staff Member
Christopher Prieto, Staff Member
Victoria Ramirez, Staff Member
Melis Tirhi, Staff Member
Jenna Won, Staff Member

2020-2021 Team  

Gabrielle Szlachta-McGinn, Chief IACHR Editor
Katie Grossbard, Senior IACHR Editor
Saphya Council, Volume 44 Editor-in-Chief
Patricia Kim, Editor
Kaylie O'Connor, Editor
Brooke Bicher-Gershel, Staff Member
Cuong Cao, Staff Member
Christian Flores, Staff Member
Laura Grigore, Staff Member
Ashley Payne, Staff Member
Alexandra Reyna, Staff Member 
Laura Rodi, Staff Member
Katarina Shonafelt, Staff Member
Sean Whitney, Staff Member

IACHR Group 2019-2020

2019-2020 Team  

Elizabeth Russo, Chief IACHR Editor
Pamela Huynh, Senior IACHR Editor
Graham Wardle, Volume 42 Editor-in-Chief
Adam Knighton, Editor
Kevin Zipser, Editor
Cuong Cao, Staff Member
Katie Grossbard, Staff Member
Patricia Kim, Staff Member
Joanna Krause, Staff Member
Aram Kuredjian, Staff Member
Shannnon Leap, Staff Member 
Kaylie O'Connor, Staff Member
Angelica Panosian, Staff Member
Gabrielle Szlachta-McGinn, Staff Member
Rodell Allan To, Staff Member


Group Photo 18-19

© 2018 Christina LaBarge all rights reserved.

Pictured: 2018-2019 Team-Bottom Row from left to right: Elizabeth Russo, Tamara Menashy, Lauren Mayes. Top Row from left to right: Pamela Huynh, Joshua Fruto, Adam Knighton, Nicholas Lusk, Joseph Osgood, Kevin Zipser. (Not pictured: Cesare Romano, Christina LaBarge, Kimberly Elise Barreto, John Flynn, Shira Diamant, Raymond Chavez).

2018-2019 Team  

Kimberly Elise Barreto, Chief IACHR Editor
John Flynn, Senior IACHR Editor
Christina LaBarge, Volume 41 Editor-in-Chief
Shira Diamant, Editor
Raymond Chavez, Editor
Lauren Mayes, Staff Member
Adam Knighton, Staff Member
Joseph Osgood, Staff Member
Kevin Zipser, Staff Member
Nicholas Lusk, Staff Member
Pamela Huynh, Staff Member 
Tamara Menashy, Staff Member
Joshua Fruto, Staff Member
Elizabeth Russo, Staff Member

2017-2018 Staffer's Group Photo

© 2017 Charlie Nelson Keever all rights reserved.

Pictured: 2017-2018 Team-Bottom Row from left to right: Raymond Chavez, Jennifer Harkins, Brenna McGill, Sebastian Richards, John Flynn. Top Row from left to right: Shira Diamant, Kimberly Barreto, Kiana Farzad, Mildred Lima-Gonzalez. (Not pictured: Cesare Romano, Charlie Nelson Keever, Erin Gonzalez, Annette Avedissian, Michelle Gonzalez, Shushan Khorozyan, and Edgar Navarrete).

2017-2018 Team  

Erin Gonzalez, Chief IACHR Editor
Annette Avedissian, Senior IACHR Editor
Charlie Nelson Keever, Volume 41 Editor-in-Chief
Michelle Gonzalez, Editor
Shushan Khorozyan, Editor
Edgar Navarrete, Editor
Shira Diamant, Staff Member
Kimberly Barreto, Staff Member
Kiana Farzad, Staff Member
Mildred Lima-Gonzalez, Staff Member
Raymond Chavez, Staff Member
Jennifer Harkins, Staff Member
Brenna McGill, Staff Member
Sebastian Richards, Staff Member
John Flynn, Staff Member

© 2016 Cameron Schlagel all rights reserved.
 2016-2017 Team-
Bottom Row from left to right: Claudia Garcia-Salas, Annette Avedissian, Erin Gonzalez, Matthew Follett, Shushan Khorozyan, Karen Cody, John Kelly. Top Row from left to right: Durdana Karim, Anne-Marie Rouche, Emma Samyan, Edgar Navarrete, Michelle Gonzalez. (Not pictured: Cesare Romano, Cameron Schlagel, Megan Venanzi, Lorraine Hall, Diane Chang, Emily Williams, and Milja Miric).

2016-2017 Team  
Megan Venanzi, Chief IACHR Editor
Lorraine Hall, Senior IACHR Editor
Cameron Schlagel, Volume 40 Editor-in-Chief
Diane Chang, Editor
Emily Williams, Editor
Milja Miric, Editor
Claudia Garcia-Salas, Staff Member
Annette Avedissian, Staff Member
Erin Gonzalez, Staff Member
Matthew Follett, Staff Member
Shushan Khorozyan, Staff Member
Karen Cody, Staff Member
John Kelly, Staff Member
Durdana Karim, Staff Member
Anne-Marie Rouche, Staff Member
Emma Samyan, Staff Member
Edgar Navarrete, Staff Member
Michelle Gonzalez, Staff Member

© 2015 Jessica Detering all rights reserved.
 2015-2016 Team - Back row from left to right: Lorraine Hall, Theodore Nguyen, Diane Chang, Sandra Acosta Tello, Nathaniel Reinhardt, Emily Williams, Milja Miric, Dale Ogden. Front row from left to right: Christopher Peterson, Alexandra Gonzalez, Ava Rubin, Jessica McCormick, Zacharias Tripodes, Rachel Yeung, Megan Venanzi, Ushma Vyas, Kathrynn Benson (Not pictured: Jessica Detering and Cesare Romano).

2015-2016 Team  
Kathrynn Benson, Chief IACHR Editor
Alexandra Gonzalez, Senior IACHR Editor
Jessica Detering, Volume 38 Editor-in-Chief
Dale Ogden, Editor
Nathaniel Reinhardt, Editor
Theodore Nguyen, Editor
Zacharias Tripodes, Editor
Ava Rubin, Staff Member
Christopher Peterson, Staff Member
Diane Chang, Staff Member
Emily Williams, Staff Member
Jessica McCormick, Staff Member
Lorraine Hall, Staff Member
Megan Venanzi, Staff Member
Milja Miric, Staff Member
Rachel Yeung, Staff Member
Sandra Acosta Tello, Staff Member
Ushma Vyas, Staff Member

© 2014 Anna McDonald all rights reserved.
Pictured: 2014-2015 Team -  Back row from left to right: Björn Roos, Justine Schneeweis, Sean Lask, Theodore Nguyen, Zacharias Tripodes, Dale Ogden, Nathaniel Reinhardt, Maximillian Casillas. Front row from left to right: Hayley Garscia, Nazanin Farahdel, Alexandra Gonzalez, Alyssa Rutherford, Karina Villa, Jonathan Arjonilla, Griselda Perez, Jennifer Toghian (Not pictured: Kathrynn Benson, Rhandy Cordova, Priscilla Szeto and Cesare Romano). 

2014-2015 Team  
Hayley Garscia, Chief IACHR Editor
Griselda Perez, Senior IACHR Editor
Priscilla Szeto, Volume 37 Editor-in-Chief
Sean Lask, Editor
Alyssa Rutherford, Editor
Justine Schneeweis, Editor
Jennifer Toghian, Editor
Jonathan Arjonilla, Staff Member
Kathrynn Benson, Staff Member
Maximillian Casillas, Staff Member
Rhandy Cordova, Staff Member
Nazanin Farahdel, Staff Member
Alexandra Gonzalez, Staff Member
Theodore Nguyen, Staff Member
Dale Ogden, Staff Member
Nathaniel Reinhardt, Staff Member
Björn Roos, Staff Member
Zacharias Tripodes, Staff Member
Karina Villa, Staff Member      

© 2014 Andrew Parker all rights reserved.
Pictured: 2013-2014 Team - Amy Choe, Monica Rodriguez, Hayley Garscia, Chelsea Zwart, Elise Cossart-Daly, Jenna Eyrich, Anna McDonald, Sean Lask, Brian Gabriel, Justine Schneeweis, Jennifer Toghian, Alyssa Rutherford, Griselda Perez (Not pictured: Leona Lam, Heather Hassan, Lindsey Wrape, and Cesare Romano). 

2013-2014 Team
Elise Cossart-Daly, Chief IACHR Editor
Jenna Eyrich, Senior Editor
Leona Lam, Volume 36 Editor-in-Chief
Amy Choe, Editor
Heather Hassan, Editor
Monica Rodriguez, Editor
Brian Gabriel, Staff Member
Hayley Garscia, Staff Member
Sean Lask, Staff Member
Anna McDonald, Staff Member
Griselda Perez, Staff Member
Alyssa Rutherford, Staff Member
Justine Schneeweis, Staff Member
Jennifer Toghian, Staff Member
Lindsey Wrape, Staff Member
Chelsea Zwart, Staff Member

2012-2013 Team
Sarah Frost, Chief Articles Editor
Kirk Prestgard, Volume 35 Editor-in-Chief  
Grace Kim, Editor
Sascha Meisel, Editor                
Amy Choe, Staff Member
Elise Cossart-Daly, Staff Member
Jenna Eyrich, Staff Member
Heather Hassan, Staff Member
Alessa Jonas, Staff Member
Meri Khananashvili, Staff Member  
Leona Lam, Staff Member
Monica Rodriguez, Staff Member  
Maya Rozov, Staff Member                
Shirinnaz Zekavati, Staff Member 

2011-2012 IACHR Team
Laura Ybarra, Chief Articles Editor
Adelaide Scardino Lopez, Volume 34 Editor-in-Chief
Jennifer Barrera, Editor
Erika Green, Editor
Melissa Kurata, Editor
Shamin Rostami, Editor
Shauna Bendinelli, Staff Member
Crystal Coveney, Staff Member
Sarah Frost, Staff Member
Grace Kim, Staff Member
Raya Marinova, Staff Member
Sascha Meisel, Staff Member
Olivia Scharrer, Staff Member

Special Thanks

Our database and web publications could not have been possible without Jenna Eyrich, 2013-2014 Senior IACHR Editor; the 2013-2014 IACHR Team; Griselda Perez, 2014-2015 Senior IACHR Editor; Professor Cesare Romano; Corinne St. Claire, Gabe Estrada, and the Information and Technology Department; Loyola of Los Angeles International and Comparative Law Review's Volume 36 Executive Board, Editors, and Staff Members; Sarah Frost, 2012-2013 Chief Articles Editor; Elise Cossart-Daly, 2013-2014 Chief IACHR Editor; and Hayley Garscia, 2014-2015 Chief IACHR Editor.