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Barrios Family v. Venezuela

Between 1998 to 2011, the Barrios family, including their children, were harassed by the Police of Aragua state. As part of this persecution, five members of the Barrios family have lost their lives and several of them have been detained and subjected to illegal and arbitrary searches of their homes, suffered threats against their lives and personal integrity, and have been forced to move from their place of residence. This case is part of a more general context of extrajudicial executions in Venezuela and most of the incidents that violated the life and personal integrity of the victims took place after the Inter-American system had requested protection for the Barrios family through provisional measures. The Court found that the State violated the American Convention on Human Rights and the American Convention to Prevent and Punish Torture.

Case Summary: Barrios Family v. Venezuela, Case Summary

Update: Barrios Family v. Venezuela Compliance and Follow-Up Addendum 

Did the State Accept International Responsibility?
Did the State Raise Preliminary Objections?
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Case Summary