Article 21 Right to Property

Case Namesort descending Year Country Summary
Andrade Salmón v. Bolivia 2015 Bolivia Yes
Abrill Alosilla et al. v. Peru 2011 Peru Yes
Acevedo Buendía et al. v. Peru 2009 Peru Yes
Barrios Family v. Venezuela 2011 Venezuela Yes
Case of the Afro-Descendant Communities Displaced from the Cacarica River Basin (Operation Genesis) v. Colombia 2013 Colombia Yes
Chaparro Álvarez and Lapo Íñiguez v. Ecuador 2007 Ecuador Yes
Five Pensioners v. Peru 2003 Peru Yes
Furlan and Family v. Argentina 2012 Argentina Yes
Garífuna Punta Piedra Community and its Members v. Honduras 2015 Honduras Yes
Garífuna Triunfo de la Cruz Community and its Members v. Honduras 2015 Honduras Yes
Granier et al. (Radio Caracas Television) v. Venezuela 2015 Venezuela Yes
Ituango Massacres v. Colombia 2006 Colombia Yes
Ivcher Bronstein v. Peru 2001 Peru Yes
Kaliña and Lokono Peoples v. Suriname 2015 Suriname Yes
Kichwa Indigenous People of Sarayaku v. Ecuador 2012 Ecuador Yes
Kuna Indigenous People of Madungandí and the Emberá Indigenous People of Bayano and their Members v. Panama 2014 Panama Yes
Lysias Fleury et al. v. Haiti 2011 Haiti Yes
Massacres of El Mozote and Nearby Places v. El Salvador 2012 El Salvador Yes
Mémoli v. Argentina 2013 Argentina Yes
Moiwana Community v. Suriname 2005 Suriname Yes
Palamara Iribarne v. Chile 2005 Chile Yes
Peasant Community of Santa Bárbara v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Plan de Sánchez Massacre v. Guatemala 2004 Guatemala Yes
Salvador Chiriboga v. Ecuador 2008 Ecuador Yes
Santo Domingo Massacre v. Colombia 2012 Colombia Yes
Saramaka People v. Suriname 2007 Suriname Yes
Sawhoyamaxa Indigenous Community v. Paraguay 2006 Paraguay Yes
The Mayagna (Sumo) Awas Tingni Community v. Nicaragua 2001 Nicaragua Yes
Tibi v. Ecuador 2004 Ecuador Yes
Uzcátegui et al. v. Venezuela 2012 Venezuela Yes
Vereda La Esperanza v. Colombia 2017 Colombia Yes
Xákmok Kásek Indigenous Community v. Paraguay 2010 Paraguay Yes
Yakye Axa Indigenous Community v. Paraguay 2005 Paraguay Yes

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