Ximenes Lopes v. Brazil

Ximenes Lopes v. Brazil

On October 1, 1999, Mr. Damião Ximenes Lopes, a person with a mental illness, was hospitalized as part of a psychiatric treatment in Casa de Reposo Guararapes, a private psychiatric clinic that operated in the public health system of Brazil. After three days of hospitalization, Mr. Ximenes Lopes died in Casa de Reposo Guararapes. Mr. Ximenes Lopes was exposed to inhuman and degrading hospital conditions and his personal integrity was attacked while being held under psychiatric treatment. The Court found the State had violated the American Convention on Human Rights for the treatment of Mr. Ximenes Lopes and for the lack of investigation and respect for the right to a fair trial, which perpetuated the impunity of this case. 

Case Summary: Ximenes Lopes v. Brazil 

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Partial Acceptance
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