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Constitutional Tribunal (Camba Campos et al.) v. Ecuador

On November 25, 2004, Ecuador's National Congress passed Resolution No. R-25-160 as a declaration that the members and alternates of the Constitutional Tribunal were appointed illegally, and ceased its functions and removed all of its members and alternates, some of whom were later arraigned by Congress. The removed members of the Constitutional Tribunal were not notified before the session and were not heard during the session. The same day the National Congress appointed new members to the Congressional Tribunal. Also, they removed the magistrates of the Electoral Tribunal because they declared their appointments had been carried out illegally. The Court found that the State violated the American Convention on Human Rights. 

Case Summary: Constitutional Tribunal (Camba Campos et al.) v. Ecuador

Did the State Accept International Responsibility?
Did the State Raise Preliminary Objections?
Case Summary