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Poisot, Eduardo Ferrer Mac-Gregor

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Case Name Year Country Case Summary
Brewer Carías v. Venezuela 2012 Venezuela Yes
Cabrera García and Montiel Flores v. Mexico 2010 Mexico Yes
Canales Huapaya et al. v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Chinchilla Sandoval et al. v. Guatemala 2014 Guatemala Yes
Constitutional Tribunal (Camba Campos et al.) v. Ecuador 2013 Ecuador Yes
Cordero Bernal v. Peru 2021 Peru Yes
Cruz Sánchez et al. v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Gonzales Lluy et al. v. Ecuador 2015 Ecuador Yes
Granier et al. (Radio Caracas Television) v. Venezuela 2015 Venezuela Yes
Human Rights Defender et al. v. Guatemala 2014 Guatemala Yes
Kaliña and Lokono Peoples v. Suriname 2015 Suriname Yes
Kuna Indigenous People of Madungandí and the Emberá Indigenous People of Bayano and their Members v. Panama 2014 Panama Yes
Lagos del Campo v. Peru 2017 Peru Yes
Liakat Ali Alibux v. Suriname 2014 Suriname Yes
Maldonado Ordoñez v. Guatemala 2016 Guatemala Yes
Martínez Esquivia v. Colombia 2020 Colombia Yes
Maya Kaqchikel Indigenous Peoples of Sumpango et al v. Guatemala 2021 Guatemala Yes
Mémoli v. Argentina 2013 Argentina Yes
Nogueira de Carvalho et al. v. Brazil 2006 Brazil Yes
Rodríguez Vera et al. (Missing Persons of the Palace of Justice) v. Colombia 2014 Colombia Yes
Ruano Torres et al. v. El Salvador 2015 El Salvador Yes
San Miguel Sosa et al. v. Venezuela 2018 Venezuela Yes
Suárez Peralta v. Ecuador 2013 Ecuador Yes
Supreme Court of Justice (Quintana Coello et al.) v. Ecuador 2013 Ecuador Yes
Velásquez Paiz et al. v. Guatemala 2015 Guatemala Yes