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Fairén Garbi and Solís Corrales v. Honduras

On December 11, 1981, Costa Rican citizens, Francisco Fairén Garbi, a student and public employee, and Yolanda Solís Corrales, a teacher, disappeared in Honduras, while traveling to Mexico, via Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador. Honduran officials denied they entered Honduras. However, the Government of Nicaragua certified that the two travelers had indeed left Nicaragua for Honduras on the date of disappearance, and later submitted photocopies of the immigration cards in the travelers' handwriting. This is one of the few cases in which the Court could not find the State at fault because there was insufficient evidence to relate the disappearances of the victims to Honduras’s practice of forced disappearances for political motives prevailing at that time in the State. 

Case Summary: Fairén Garbi and Solís Corrales v. Honduras, Case Summary

Did the State Accept International Responsibility?
Did the State Raise Preliminary Objections?
Case Summary