Case Namesort descending Year Country Summary
Abrill Alosilla et al. v. Peru 2011 Peru Yes
Acevedo Buendía et al. v. Peru 2009 Peru Yes
Acevedo Jaramillo et al. v. Peru 2006 Peru Yes
Acosta Calderón v. Ecuador 2005 Ecuador Yes
Albán Cornejo et al. v. Ecuador 2007 Ecuador Yes
Apitz Barbera et al. ("First Court of Administrative Disputes") v. Venezuela 2008 Venezuela Yes
Baena Ricardo et al. v. Panama 2001 Panama Yes
Baldeón García v. Perú 2006 Peru Yes
Bámaca Velásquez v. Guatemala 2000 Guatemala Yes
Barbani Duarte et al. v. Uruguay 2011 Uruguay Yes
Barreto Leiva v. Venezuela 2009 Venezuela Yes
Barrios Altos v. Peru 2001 Peru Yes
Bayarri v. Argentina 2008 Argentina Yes
Benavides Cevallos v. Ecuador 1998 Ecuador Yes
Blanco Romero et al. v. Venezuela 2005 Venezuela Yes
Boyce et al. v. Barbados 2007 Barbados Yes
Bueno Alves v. Argentina 2007 Argentina Yes
Bulacio v. Argentina 2003 Argentina Yes
Cabrera García and Montiel Flores v. Mexico 2010 Mexico Yes
Canales Huapaya et al. v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Case of the "Caracazo" v. Venezuela 1999 Venezuela Yes
Chaparro Álvarez and Lapo Íñiguez v. Ecuador 2007 Ecuador Yes
DaCosta Cadogan v. Barbados 2009 Barbados Yes
Díaz Peña v. Venezuela 2012 Venezuela Yes
Fairén Garbi and Solís Corrales v. Honduras 1989 Honduras Yes
Fornerón and Daughter v. Argentina 2012 Argentina Yes
Galindo Cárdenas et al. v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
García Cruz and Sánchez Silvestre v. Mexico 2013 Mexico Yes
Genie Lacayo v. Nicaragua 1997 Nicaragua Yes
Girls Yean and Bosico v. Dom. Rep. 2005 Dominican Republic Yes
Gómez Palomino v. Peru 2005 Peru Yes
Granier et al. (Radio Caracas Television) v. Venezuela 2015 Venezuela Yes
Gutiérrez Soler v. Colombia 2005 Colombia Yes
Heliodoro Portugal v. Panama 2008 Panama Yes
Herrera Espinoza et al. v. Ecuador 2014 Ecuador Yes
Hilaire, Constantine and Benjamin et al. v. Trinidad and Tobago 2002 Trinidad and Tobago Yes
Ibsen Cárdenas and Ibsen Peña v. Bolivia 2010 Bolivia Yes
Juan Humberto Sánchez v. Honduras 2003 Honduras Yes
La Rochela Massacre v. Colombia 2007 Colombia Yes
Las Palmeras v. Colombia 2001 Colombia Yes
López Lone et al. v. Honduras 2015 Honduras Yes
Lysias Fleury et al. v. Haiti 2011 Haiti Yes
Norín Catrimán et al. (Leaders, Members and Activist of the Mapuche Indigenous People) v. Chile 2014 Chile Yes
Omar Humberto Maldonado Vargas et al. v. Chile 2015 Chile Yes
Ruano Torres et al. v. El Salvador 2015 El Salvador Yes
Ticona Estrada et al. v. Bolivia 2008 Bolivia Yes
Velásquez Rodríguez v. Honduras 1988 Honduras Yes
Vélez Loor v. Panama 2010 Panama Yes
Yvon Neptune v. Haiti 2008 Haiti Yes
Zambrano Vélez et al. v. Ecuador 2007 Ecuador Yes

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