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Article 3 Right to Juridical Personality

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Case Name Year Country Case Summary
Alvarado Espinoza et al. v. Mexico 2018 Mexico Yes
Benavides Cevallos v. Ecuador 1998 Ecuador Yes
Case of Expelled Dominicans and Haitians v. Dominican Republic 2014 Dominican Republic Yes
Chitay Nech et al. v. Guatemala 2010 Guatemala Yes
Contreras et al. v. El Salvador 2011 El Salvador Yes
García and Family Members v. Guatemala 2012 Guatemala Yes
Gelman v. Uruguay 2011 Uruguay Yes
Girls Yean and Bosico v. Dom. Rep. 2005 Dominican Republic Yes
Gomes Lund et al. (Guerrilha do Araguaia) v. Brazil 2010 Brazil Yes
González Medina and Family v. Dominican Republic 2012 Dominican Republic Yes
Gudiel Álvarez et al. (Diario Militar) v. Guatemala 2012 Guatemala Yes
Ibsen Cárdenas and Ibsen Peña v. Bolivia 2010 Bolivia Yes
Isaza Uribe et al. v. Colombia 2018 Colombia Yes
Kaliña and Lokono Peoples v. Suriname 2015 Suriname Yes
Members of Chichupac Village and Neighboring Communities of the Municipality of Rabinal v. Guatemala 2016 Guatemala Yes
Osorio Rivera and Family v. Peru 2013 Peru Yes
Peasant Community of Santa Bárbara v. Peru 2015 Peru Yes
Radilla Pacheco v. Mexico 2009 Mexico Yes
Río Negro Massacres v. Guatemala 2012 Guatemala Yes
Rochac Hernández et al. v. El Salvador 2014 El Salvador Yes
Rodríguez Vera et al. (Missing Persons of the Palace of Justice) v. Colombia 2014 Colombia Yes
Saramaka People v. Suriname 2007 Suriname Yes
Tenorio Roca et al. v. Peru 2016 Peru Yes
Terrones Silva et al. v. Peru 2018 Peru Yes
Torres Millacura et al. v. Argentina 2011 Argentina Yes