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Case Namesort ascending Year Country Summary
Ortiz Hernández v. Venezuela 2017 Venezuela Yes
Omar Humberto Maldonado Vargas et al. v. Chile 2015 Chile Yes
Norín Catrimán et al. (Leaders, Members and Activist of the Mapuche Indigenous People) v. Chile 2014 Chile Yes
Nogueira de Carvalho et al. v. Brazil 2006 Brazil Yes
Nadege Dorzema et al. v. Dominican Republic 2012 Dominican Republic Yes
Myrna Mack Chang v. Guatemala 2003 Guatemala Yes
Montero Aranguren et al. (Detention Center of Catia) v. Venezuela 2006 Venezuela Yes
Molina Theissen v. Guatemala 2004 Guatemala Yes
Mohamed v. Argentina 2012 Argentina Yes
Miguel Castro Castro Prison v. Peru 2006 Peru Yes
Mendoza et al. v. Argentina 2013 Argentina Yes
Mémoli v. Argentina 2013 Argentina Yes
Mejía Idrovo v. Ecuador 2011 Ecuador Yes
Massacres of El Mozote and Nearby Places v. El Salvador 2012 El Salvador Yes
Maritza Urrutia v. Guatemala 2003 Guatemala Yes
Manuel Cepeda Vargas v. Colombia 2010 Colombia Yes
Maldonado Ordóñez v. Guatemala 2016 Guatemala No
Lori Berenson Mejía v. Peru 2004 Peru Yes
López Mendoza v. Venezuela 2011 Venezuela Yes
López Lone et al. v. Honduras 2015 Honduras Yes
López Álvarez v. Honduras 2006 Honduras Yes
Loayza Tamayo v. Peru 1997 Peru Yes
Liakat Ali Alibux v. Suriname 2014 Suriname Yes
Las Palmeras v. Colombia 2001 Colombia Yes
Las Dos Erres Massacre v. Guatemala 2009 Guatemala Yes
Landaeta Mejías Brothers et al. v. Venezuela 2014 Venezuela Yes
Lagos del Campo v. Peru 2017 Peru Yes
La Cantuta et al. v. Peru 2006 Peru Yes
Kuna Indigenous People of Madungandí and the Emberá Indigenous People of Bayano and their Members v. Panama 2014 Panama Yes
Kimel v. Argentina 2008 Argentina Yes
Kichwa Indigenous People of Sarayaku v. Ecuador 2012 Ecuador Yes
Kawas Fernández v. Honduras 2009 Honduras Yes
Kaliña and Lokono Peoples v. Suriname 2015 Suriname Yes
Juvenile Reeducation Institute v. Paraguay 2004 Paraguay Yes
Juan Humberto Sánchez v. Honduras 2003 Honduras Yes
Ituango Massacres v. Colombia 2006 Colombia Yes
Ibsen Cárdenas and Ibsen Peña v. Bolivia 2010 Bolivia Yes
Human Rights Defender et al. v. Guatemala 2014 Guatemala Yes
Huilca Tecse v. Peru 2005 Peru Yes
Herrera Espinoza et al. v. Ecuador 2014 Ecuador Yes
Gutiérrez Soler v. Colombia 2005 Colombia Yes
Gutiérrez Hernández and Family v. Guatemala 2015 Guatemala Yes
Gutiérrez and Family v. Argentina 2013 Argentina Yes
Gudiel Álvarez et al. (Diario Militar) v. Guatemala 2012 Guatemala Yes
González Medina and Family v. Dominican Republic 2012 Dominican Republic Yes
González et al. ("Cotton Field") v. Mexico 2009 Mexico Yes
Gonzales Lluy et al. v. Ecuador 2015 Ecuador Yes
Gómez Paquiyauri Brothers v. Peru 2004 Peru Yes
Gómez Palomino v. Peru 2005 Peru Yes
Gomes Lund et al. (Guerrilha do Araguaia) v. Brazil 2010 Brazil Yes


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